An Unconventional Choice

On Sunday a week ago, we decided to list our house in Stuart (not on MLS yet) and to move back to Lake Park for a while so that we can better manage my mother’s estate.  On Friday, we made the decision that the best thing we could do for our family was for Karl to resign from his position so that he can manage the many projects that need to be completed.

Many will think we are nuts.  And, they might be right!

We realize we are taking one of the top life stressors–death of a loved one–and adding two more to the mix–moving and change of employment.  A triple header, for sure.

But we want and need change.  We want to have less and do more.  We want to downsize and free ourselves.  That just can’t happen if we are both working full-time.

So, yes, we are scared.  But we are doing it anyway.

We are stepping outside our comfort zone, and we know it will be challenging on many levels.  It is going to require incredible emotional intimacy to successfully navigate the shifting dynamics of our relationship.

And, we will find our way through.

My mother’s transition has motivated us to make significant changes in our lives.  We have a chance to do things differently.

Are we crazy?  Or would it be crazier not to take the chance?

Only time will tell.

I will leave you with a story that came around as an email once, and it resonated with me.  In the unending pursuit of MORE, what are we really getting?


The Mexican Fisherman

A boat docked in a tiny Mexican village. An American tourist complimented the Mexican fisherman on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took him to catch them.

“Not very long,” answered the Mexican.

“But then, why didn’t you stay out longer and catch more?” asked the American.

The Mexican explained that his small catch was sufficient to meet his needs and those of his family.

The American asked, “But what do you do with the rest of your time?”

“I sleep late, fish a little, play with my children, and take a siesta with my wife. In the evenings, I go into the village to see my friends, have a few drinks, play the guitar, and sing a few songs…I have a full life.”

The American interrupted, “I have an MBA from Harvard and I can help you!

“You should start by fishing longer every day. You can then sell the extra fish you catch. With the extra revenue, you can buy a bigger boat. With the extra money the larger boat will bring, you can buy a second one and a third one and so on until you have an entire fleet of trawlers.

“Instead of selling your fish to a middleman, you can negotiate directly with the processing plants and maybe even open your own plant. You can then leave this little village and move to Mexico City, Los Angeles, or even New York City! From there you can direct your huge enterprise.”

“How long would that take?” asked the Mexican.

“Twenty, perhaps twenty-five years,” replied the American.

“And after that?”

“Afterwards? That’s when it gets really interesting,” answered the American, laughing. “When your business gets really big, you can start selling stocks and make millions!”

“Millions? Really? And after that?”

“After that you’ll be able to retire, live in a tiny village near the coast, sleep late, play with your children, catch a few fish, take a siesta, and spend your evenings drinking and enjoying your friends!”


4 thoughts on “An Unconventional Choice

  1. Wow Patty that is such a big step, not just the house which I know you love so much, but for Bobby to leave the job that I thought he loved. Yes it does sound crazy but you are doing what you think is best for you and your family and I will keep you in my thought and hope that you made the right decision. I am so sorry that your mothers passing has taken such a toil on you emotionally. I guess knowing that she was going didn’t make it any easier and knowing she is at peace now doesn’t always set you free. We love and support whatever you guys choose to do. Our love from MD! Marianna

  2. Wow Patti! I know what a huge decision that must have been for all of you! But you have always taken the road less traveled and been a richer person for it! Maybe I will get to see you more often now that you will be moving up this way! Great story attached too!

  3. Wow Patti! I’m so excited for you and Karl, and I honor your wisdom and courage! The story you post really paints a picture, and I’m inspired by both it, and YOU! 🙂 I’m holding the vision that this will be all that you hope for and more, for you, Karl and Kai as well. I also must admit that I’m smiling at the prospect of you being closer to us here in Jupiter too! 😀 lol I can usually make myself available if you need, or want, some help, so don’t hesitate to call. Much love ((((<3))))

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